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What to do?

Irish or not, dear reader, we urge you to join in the effort to keep the apostrophe in Irish names. In addition to giving kudos and supporting companies that accept correctly spelled names in the name field, we urge you to:

1. Complain!

Call the offenders out! Write to your bank, retail store, airline, and any other wayward entities and urge them to observe the proper spelling of "database-challenged" Irish (and other) names.

2. Share your story

Pop over to our facebook page and tell us about when the apostrophe in your name (or other reasons) caused a computer to not accept your actual name.

3. Shop

Create awareness and help support the cause by buying and wearing our Ts with pride. Shop now

4. Sign Up

Signup for our (very) infrequent emails. If we figure this thing you'll be the first to know. If you have a solution - please share it!

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